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Triple the Joy (Set of 3 Diffusers)

Triple the Joy (Set of 3 Diffusers)

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Searching for the ultimate gift to elevate a Christmas or New Year's Eve celebration? We've got you covered! Presenting a meticulously curated set of three exquisite diffusers, tailored for your cherished ones to revel in the magic of this festive season or to embrace the dawn of 2024 with joyous hearts. Experience an array of enchanting scents, from the opulent floral notes of Grand Trianon to the soothing ambiance of Cyprus Holiday, and not to be missed, the serene tranquility of Spring Brew. Each set with these three captivating scents from our diffuser collection is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your family and friends.

Scents included in the set: Cyprus Holiday, Grand Trianon and Spring Brew

Volume: 150ml each

Reed Diffuser Care:

Place reed sticks in the bottle to soak the fragrance for one hour. Flip the reeds after one hour to saturate the other end.

For a lighter aroma/ a small room, use fewer reeds. For a stronger aroma/ a bigger room, use all the reeds.

Flip reeds if scent gets weaker and replace the reeds every 2-3 months.

Keep away from children, pets and electrical appliances.

Refer to individual labels for more safety and precautions.