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Triple the Bliss (Set of 3 candles)

Triple the Bliss (Set of 3 candles)

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Looking for the perfect gift to elevate Christmas or New Year's Eve celebrations? Look no further! Introducing a meticulously curated set of three exquisite soy wax candles, crafted for your loved ones to revel in the magic of the festive season or to embrace the dawn of 2024 with joyous hearts. Immerse yourself in an array of enchanting scents—from the warmth of Juliet’s Love to the luscious vibe of Golden Lace, and not to be missed, the joyfulness of A Night in Amalfi. Each set, featuring these three captivating scents from our aroma candle collection, is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your family and friends.

Our soy candles are meticulously hand-poured and encased in custom handmade ceramic containers. Each container is a unique piece, ensuring that no two are alike. Explore creative ways to repurpose these unique containers by referring to our social media channels.

Scents included in the set: Juliet’s Love, A Night In Amalfi and Golden Lace

Size: 160g/ 5.64 oz each

Aroma candle care:

On the first burn, allow the entire top to burn evenly before extinguishing the candle to prevent tunneling.

Trim wicks to about 1/4 inch before every burn to avoid a heavy flame and soot. Only trim wicks when the candle is completely cooled and solid.

Never burn your candles near flammable items or for longer than four hours at a time to prevent accidents.