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Spring Brew Dipyujeo

Spring Brew Dipyujeo

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Much like the first sip of spring tea, our signature 'Spring Brew' scent delivers a sense of tranquil serenity, imparting the same sense of calm that comes from witnessing the tender tea leaves sprout at winter's end.

Key notes: White tea, bergamot, jasmine

Mood: Welcoming and tranquil

Volume: 150ml

Reed Diffuser Care: 

Place reed sticks in the bottle to soak the fragrance for one hour. Flip the reeds after one hour to saturate the other end.

For a lighter aroma/ a small room, use fewer reeds. For a stronger aroma/ a bigger room, use all the reeds.

Flip reeds if scent gets weaker and replace the reeds every 2-3 months.

Keep away from children, pets and electrical appliances.

Refer to individual labels for more safety and precautions.