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Mul Plant Potter

Mul Plant Potter

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The wavy rims of the Mul Plant Potter create a dynamic and unique silhouette, adding a sense of movement and visual interest to your plant display. The carefully handcrafted design ensures a flawless finish that enhances the overall aesthetic.

The beautiful blue and white gradient glaze adorning the surface of the potter creates a serene and calming atmosphere. It seamlessly transitions from shades of blue to delicate hues of white, reminiscent of tranquil ocean waves meeting a serene sky. The gradient effect adds depth and dimension, making each potter a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

This medium-sized ceramic potter is perfect for housing a variety of plants, from blooming flowers to lush green foliage. It effortlessly complements any decor style, whether placed on a windowsill, tabletop, or as part of a larger plant arrangement.

Approximately 12cm (L) x 11cm (B) x 9cm (H)

As product is handmade, some variation among the items in terms of colour etc is expected.