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Customised frames

Customised frames

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Our customised frames come in a size of 20cm x 25cm and can accommodate one 4R photo and one polaroid photo. You have the freedom to choose the colour theme for your frame from the options available. The sample frame displayed here features a florist's choice theme, which will be selected based on the colours in your photos to ensure a harmonious design.

Once your payment is confirmed, our team will reach out to you within 3 working days to discuss the photos you would like to include in the frame. We will guide you through the process and ensure that the photos are aligned with your vision for the frame.

Please note that the lead time for designing the frame is 7 working days from the date of payment. We take this time to carefully create a frame that captures the essence of your photos and meets your expectations.

We look forward to working with you to create a special and personalised frame that will preserve your precious memories. If you have any further questions before proceeding with your order, please let us know via our contact page.