Floral class with Mcqueens Korea (Flower Wall)

It had always been a dream to learn from McQueens, and upon discovering they had a branch in Korea, we eagerly contacted them in early 2023 to arrange a class in November.

Arriving early in the vibrant Gangnam district, we were filled with a mix of nervousness and excitement, eager to acquire new skills and forge new connections. The class commenced with our instructor, So Yun, introducing us to the materials we would be utilizing, including the locally sourced Korean Fir. This was particularly fascinating, as most materials in Singapore are imported, and the opportunity to work with indigenous flora added a unique dimension to our creations for the day.

Our task was to craft a Christmas tree from scratch, beginning with assembling the metal support structure and securing it with cable ties. We then arranged floral sponges and incorporated various props such as candles and festive decorations. Throughout the process, which spanned about three hours, So Yun provided detailed explanations while my translator, Ka Young, diligently translated every instruction into English.

The session concluded with a photography session, during which everyone captured videos and images of our collective works.

A crucial takeaway from the experience was the importance of teamwork. Witnessing firsthand the coordination and effort required for such large-scale installations underscored the significance of collaborative effort. It was truly an enlightening experience, and we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to further our education with McQueens in the future.

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