Floral Class with Lalune Flower II (Landscape installation)

In our pursuit of expanding our portfolio, we expressed our interest in landscape installations to Lalune Flowers, who graciously agreed to conduct a class for us. With no specific theme in mind, Lalune Flowers surprised us on the day with a 'Purple Christmas' theme.

The class commenced with the construction of the support structure, utilising chicken wire, fishing line, and a pedestal stand to create an inverted Christmas tree. Though fixing the structure in place presented its challenges, the collaborative effort among the team made the process seamless.

Moving on, we added the base composed of Christmas fir, followed by longer branches and flowers to define the shape. Attention then shifted to the floor components, featuring ornamental cabbages, purple/blue carnations, asparagus fern, and preserved flowers. The final touches included moss on the floor and Christmas ornaments to complete the picturesque scene.

A key takeaway from this class was witnessing So Hyun's dedication to focusing on intricate details, such as covering the small edges of the pedestal with moss and placing a little heart-shaped leaf at a corner to breathe life into the entire setup.

Completing the landscape design took approximately 1.5 hours, and with the dark sky overhead, it was time for photos to capture the special moment spent with Lalune Flowers in Seoul. 

We are really thankful to Lalune Flowers for their hospitality and expertise, and we look forward to the possibility of meeting them again, perhaps even in Singapore!

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