Floral Class with Lalune Flower I (Hanging installation)

In 2023, a year marked by reflection and learning as we navigate post-pandemic realities, we find ourselves driven to step beyond our comfort zone. With a clearer vision of the future, we eagerly seek to acquire new styles and techniques that can enhance our craft. Inspired by the designs and style of Lalune Flower, we reached out to them on social media early in the year to arrange a class, and November marked the culmination of our anticipation as we gathered in their studio in Hongdae.

Guided by So Hyun, Lalune Flower's Floral Designer, we embarked on a creative journey with a clear vision—romantic and whimsical. The class, starting at 1 pm, introduced us to the techniques of creating a support structure for installations using chicken wire and fishing line. Though seemingly simple, the meticulous process of tying the fishing line demanded keen eyesight and patience. We proceeded to add baby's breath as the foundational base, followed by roses and, finally, cloth for the finishing touch.

A noteworthy lesson from this class was the emphasis on choosing one part of the structure as the focal point, allowing observers to have a clear centre of attention when admiring the installation.

The entire process of creating the hanging installation took about 2 hours. So Hyun's patience in guiding us and So Jeong's dedicated translation throughout the process left us deeply moved by their warmth and willingness to share. We were also very pleased with how the design turned out!

Stay tuned for the second blog, which will delve into our landscape class with Lalune Flower!

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